KDE global menu not working with IntelliJ Idea Ultimate

As stated in the title, when I use IntelliJ Idea Ultimate the KDE global menu is not shown, and the application menu is internal to the app.

I installed IntelliJ Idea Ultimate from AUR, but I also tried with snap and Jetbrains Toolbox, and in both cases the global menu didn’t show up. Strangely, when installing the Community edition of IntelliJ from Manjaro’s repository the global menu worked.

What can the source of the problem be?

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Is written in java. For Global Menu in KDE Plasma is required that the application has a specific code/patch. See for instance Firefox, same deal, no globalmenu, unless you install the Plasmafox or the Suse one …

Then use that …

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I need to use the Ultimate edition since it provides support for JavaEE, unlike the Community one. Regarding the support for the global menu, it is officially supported by JetBrains so it should work out of the box.

Seems it is an issue on the JetBrains side, there is an open issue on YouTrack. I’m closing this then, thanks for the help.

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@Void97 can you give a link to this issue?

With the new Manjaro forums, unfortunately, I cannot include links or media files to my posts. I think that’s a terrible design choice.

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