KDE git and non git mixed up...

I dont know how I manage to do this but my system has both git and non git version of KDE so I think is like I have a mixed version of KDE installed in my system.

However everything is working fine , Is this normal?

Is there any script to install the KDE git or the non git version ?

At the moment if I want to remove the git version I have to do it manually which it takes a lot of time.

Thanking you in advance...

Last user I saw with a similar problem installed plasma group and let the package manager remove all conflicts:


sudo pacman -S plasma --> it didnt work
Then I found one KDE git version and saw that it was in KF5 group

So installing kf5 group did the trick

So in short to actually remove all the KDE git versions you have to install

sudo pacman -S plasma
sudo pacman -S kf5

Yes it's relatively normal nothing breaks.
Manjaro is pretty close temporally to upstream, so ABI/API breakages aren't a given.

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