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Greetings to all!

Recently, I used the distribution ROSA KDE, where a tip with a full name was displayed in a full-screen menu for too long application names. Here in Manjaro I cannot find how to include the same tips.

Is it possible to include similar tips in Manjaro?

I use virtualbox and manjaro-kde-18.0-stable-x86_64.


I thought that’s a Plasma’s problem. I don’t get tooltips on Manjaro or in Neon and I don’t remeber ever having them even on other Plasma distros.

I’m curious if anyone here will know how to enable them. If they were possible in ROSA KDE, it should be possible elsewhere, but first one had to find out what ROSA did.


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@Chybyk does this happen on all Application menus? or, which menu applet do you use?


For me, it shows for all applets or programs, so for everything on latte dock. If latte is in panel mode, it only shows for additional applets (like weather or spacer applet) but does nothing for system tray, global menus, buttons, titles or clock.

Maybe it depends on applet type. Since on dock we have mostly launchers and program icons, tooltips are shown, while on different types of applets that are typical on panels, they (tooltips) mostly don’t show up.


For me, those have tooltips as well. I use Latte as a panel.
OP shows the image of a full-screen menu (not the default). I don’t have that to test.


That’s weird. I’m quite happy with tooltip behavior now. It shows them where I want and doesn’t show them where they would be irritating (why tooltip for buttons or menu, or systray?).

Or maybe those tooltips come from various settings, meaning, some Plasma setting is triggering tooltips for systray and so on, while latte is doing something different? I remember tweaking some tooltip settings somewhere in the past because they were too aggressive but can’t remember where.

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