KDE Edition -> Image opens 3 times

Manjaro KDE 18.1.5
Gajim 1.1.3
Url image preview plugin version 2.3.24

When I click on an picture in a Gajim chat, it will be opened 3 times.

  1. Okular (standard png-viewer on my system)
  2. Okular (additinal instance9
  3. Dolphin (in a new tab)

How can I stop this. I just want the picture to be openen once in my default viewer.
Had the same issue with Gwenview instead of Okular.
Don't know how to configure this.

Fixed via Gajim settings.
Setting "Filemanager" to a picture viewer, like e.g. "gwenview" solved the issue.
This will be reworked in Gajim in future releases.

moved to #support-for-official-editions

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