KDE dolphin samba share keeps asking for password

Hey there,

I have a weird issue with Dolphin: whenever I try to connect to a share from a Windows 10 PC that has passwords deactivated, Dolphin keeps asking me for credentials and I can’t access the share.

However, using smbclient -L , I can access the share, so my samba config (the default one, I followed the wiki here: wiki.manjaro.org/index.php/Using_Samba_in_your_File_Manager) is probably fine.

Interestingly, on a Kubuntu system, Dolphin also asks me for a password, but when I enter the exact same credentials as entered on Manjaro, it let’s me access the share.

Also, when I want to access a WIndows 10 share that is protected by a password, entering the credentials works fine and I can access it.

I’m running the stable branch, freshly installed system today.

Does anyone have an idea what the issue might be here?
Are additional information required?

Just continuing with empty password doesn’t work?

ArchWiki has very nice info on samba
I recommended to look there, they have section Troubleshooting there