KDE does'nt boot with kernel versions <5.10 after latest update

I was trying to install gdb from pacman, but it would’nt proceed without a system update, So i hit pacman -Syu and let it synchronize the databases and do its thing.

There were a couple of packages that failed to update and the error given was along the lines(Connection very poor -less than 8 bytes transferred)
Among those was ‘linux-latest’.

Plus When it gave the option of upgrading kernel to latest, Graphics drivers to latest, … and other mhwd avaliable drivers, I prompted N (for no)
Then later, after the update finished and rebooting, The grub menu lists the 5.10 kernel (as default), [though i had hit no, while updating on 5.8 kernel]

It booted up perfect[5.10 kernel], But without the nvidia drivers.

Guessing, that NO prompt caused it to not install new ones… but is somehow designed to remove older driver configs! Even after running mhwd -i pci video-hydrid-amd-nvidia-prime, (I’m on a optimus laptop having Nvidia discrete + amd integrated ) it would scan for 5.8 drivers and give Pacman failed error.

Then on live usb,

manjaro-chroot -a
pacman -Syyuu

Seemed to fix the issue of drivers for the latest 5.10.2 kernel [With yes prompt about ALL avaliable mhwd drivers]. But the system remained unbootable with previous kernels of 5.4 & 5.8.

*I’m landing on tty1, with no keyboard input & the symbol @^ … But able to enter tty2, with alt+F2

Whats the fix here? Something to do with desktop manager? kde?