KDE doesn't boot after many updates of programs/packages/OS


I have a Windows 10/ Manjaro KDE Plasma dual boot on my notebook and I didn‘t use KDE for a while, so naturally I had to do many updates, which I did (with the built-in update manager). At the same time I also installed Cargo, the package manager for rust lang, which I needed for a program to run.

After the updates were finished, I had to restart my notebook to complete them. Unfortunately, manjaro didn‘t boot since them. When I select Manjaro in the dual boot, everything that will happen is that I see the manufacturers logo while manjaro is trying to boot. Nothing more happens until I force my notebook to restart.

How can I find out what‘s wrong?

I am running the kernel „5.11.6-1-MANJARO x64“

Thank you in advance

oops, 5.11 not exists now
select another (if exists) in grub options
or install new from iso with manjaro-chroot

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Oh okay.
No, I do not have another kernel version installed.
How can I install an iso (from a usb stick?) with manjaro-chroot, could you link a tutorial for this?
Thanks for the quick reply