KDE: Disable Yakuake drop-down at startup

Whenever Manjaro KDE starts, Yakuake is summoned from the menu bar and must be manually dismissed with F12. The solution is to disable Yakuake on startup: System Settings >> Startup and Shutdown >> Autostart >> Uncheck to disable Yakuake . Yakuake can still be summoned with F12 but just won't show as unfurled on startup.

I'd recommend setting this by default so that other users don't have to do this manually. (If the goal is to show users that the feature exists, there are better ways to do so besides having to close the drawer on every startup in perpetuity.)

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Yakuake has a setting for Behavior during startup. Check Yakuake settings.
If Yakuake is not running, then F12 should not launch it, unless you have created a custom shortcut AFAIK.

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this is correct - specifically, the setting you want to uncheck is "open window after program start" under the Behavior menu when configuring Yakuake


As far as I recall, I'm using default Yakuake settings, which has the Open window after program start checkbox unchecked. What got the app to stop popping on startup was the Autostart setting above. But whatever the fix is, I suggest making it the Manjaro KDE default.

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In my Plasma installation here, Yakuake automatically starts with its window hidden. So whatever is causing this behavior on your system ─ I've seen it in other distributions as well ─ must be something site-specific. There must be a corrupted configuration file somewhere in your $HOME. :thinking:

The problem is because your plasma session is saved and restored at next session.
Then yakuake is "started" 2 times.. by autostart and the restore of the saved session..
There is 3 options:

  • start plasma with an empty session
  • remove yakuake from autostart
  • tick the option to open window after program start
    Like this the 1st start of yakuake will show it.. and the 2nd will hide it

With the option to don't show.. it will show because the 1st start will start yakuake hidden.. and the 2nd will show it

F12 just run yakuake.. it's yakuake itself that check if it's already running to just change the dropping state (visible or hidden).


Or exclude it from saved session?


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