Kde desktop cannot launch after partition moved

I expaned the partition of file system and moved it, after that I cannot launch plasmashell. And I got only a cursor and black screen on my screen when I logged in.How could I fix it? I do really not want to reinstall system. Any advice could be appreciated.

Welcome here, @fbotp

That’s not enough info, what did you do exactly? Don’t expect us to worm out all relevant data of you…

Sorry, I haven’t make it clearly.
I just had 30GB partition which installed manjaro following 30GB unallocated partition on my disk. I launched gparted from USB(PE) and resized the manjaro partition to 60GB.(In this process, the manjaro partition moved)
And after that, when I opened manjaro, I found that wallpapers and icons disappeared, and when I logged in, the desktop and task bar didn’t appear.

Has the UUID of the partition changed?

have you tried to chroot from a LIVE ISO into the installation? Maybe restoring the boot loader helps.

It could be that the partition has been damaged during that operation, hope you backed up your files.

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I’m so sorry for my foolish. I just want to expand the manjaro storage, but I didn’t get any methods to achieve it. Could you please tell me how to do that or how to resize the partition without changing UUID?

I’m new to this and my English is not well. So sorry to bother you.

Normally, this is not happening if gparted is used. So, I just asked to be sure. If the UUID has changed booting via grub can be affected. Still, I would recommend to restore the boot loader.

Okay, I’ll try to follow the tourial to fix it. Thanks for your warm-heart! Have a nice day!

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I soved it by reinstall plasma-desktop and it worked. I’m so sorry for wasting your time. Thanks a lot.

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