KDE default wallpapers situation is messy

im not sure if this is the correct location for this but the default wallpapers for kde is messy. i did install stable min and change it to testing branch, if that matters.

first off there are two breath2 wallpapers:

one has a location that is relative to the two other manjaro wallpapers:

the other breath2 wallpaper is among other wallpapers of varying resolutions just like the Flow wallpaper:

should there be some consistency here or is this just collateral damage from going from stable -> testing?


You are in the right place to mention this, and you are right but in the same time not :slight_smile:
The breath2-wallpaper package will install the /usr/share/backgrounds/breath2.png
It has no dependency, and is there in case someone wants to have that wallpaper in other DEs.

On the other hand the plasma5-themes-breath2 will provide the files with the resolution you shown in the screenshot, together with color-schemes for plasma and konsole, Global theme, Plasma style and SDDM.

thanks for the quick reply! shouldnt there only be one or the other installed by default?

also, if i go to remove the breath2-wallpaper as i wont use them and dont need duplicates, it also wants to remove manjaro-kde-settings. will removing this have collateral damage?

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You are correct again :slight_smile:
I was booted in an experimental build, that is why i didn't had the connection between those packages and my answer was not quite on :grin:
We will address this issue next update, till then you can remove that package by:

sudo pacman -Rd --nodeps breath2-wallpaper

yet keep the manjaro-kde-settings
Let me know if that helps.

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looks like that worked! should removing that package also remove these other backgrounds as well or just /usr/share/backgrounds/breath2.png from that location?


Yes, just that. If i recall correctly the other two are also separate packages.

yep. looks like illyria-wallpaper:


it has no deps and it uninstalled fine. thanks for your time :pray:

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