KDE connect to access Contacts on GrapheneOs Pixel 6

I am new to using KDE/plasma and love it (used it years ago and was on debian during the last few years and " i’m back now "

I just got KDE COnnect to work with my GrapheOs phone, nordvpn caused some issues but I was able to fix it.

I like the SMS feature allowing me to send SMS through my Desktop using Kde Connect SMS plugins.

MY QUESTION : is there a way to have my phone contacts to show up on my Desktop using KDE Connect ?

Yes, you have to grant the Contacts permission for the KDE Connect Android app. It will tell you which permissions are missing.

Yes I noticed those " permissions " I had to give and gaved them… Mon on the Manjaro Plasma side, on which app LOL can I see now those contacts ? will look again

Tks !

Check upstream documentation? I don’t know, I use GNOME with GSConnect or Valent. :stuck_out_tongue:

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