KDE-Connect Kontakte synchronisieren

Hello @raguse
I am making great progress: I use MyPhoneExplorer with Wine, it works well. Now I can synchronize the contacts of the Android phone with a file called SyncDB_Phonebook.vcf which is on the Linux PC. Now I just need to find a way to sync this with Thunderbird’s contacts.
What do you suggest?

Hi @Michi

In my humble opinion I think you will only be able to import into Thunderbird. This should be possible from the import menu within TB address book.

A faster way might be to use some plugins with TB which fetches the contacts from the Google Cloud of Google Contacts. This requires you to upload your contacts to Google. Not sure if you want to do that because it means privacy concerns.

See the initial statement regarding sync with KDE Connect from KDE: 456140

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Oh, no, never do I want to send my contacts or other data directly to Google or similar companies.
There is a Thunderbird add-on, CardBook, I suspect that it works with that, but I haven’t gotten anything done there yet. I think I can mark this discussion as solved.
@raguse thank you very much for your commitment. It’s nice that there is Linux and people who enjoy helping others.

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Hi @raguse
Now I know better: I don’t want to synchronize my smartphone’s contacts with those of Thunderbird anymore. Why? Simple: I have almost 300 contacts on my smartphone and I only use them to make calls, however I rarely make calls with this phone. I hardly ever write e-mails with my cell phone, but 99.99% with my PC and Thunderbird. Accordingly, I have a lot of contacts there. There would have been a huge amount of new contacts on the phone, which I never need there. Everything would become very confusing. I am very glad that I noticed this in time. So from now on I have stopped all my attempts to synchronize the contacts of Thunderbird in the PC with the contacts of the smartphone. Everything else I want to keep in sync, of course. That is all the photos I take with the smartphone and the thousands of texts and info I have on the phone. And I do that very successfully with MyPhoneExplorer and Wine.

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