KDE config reset, no more menu/tool bar in Kate, Kdenlive


My KDE settings seems to have revert to default : default background, default sorting views in dolphin…

But the problem is that I don’t see anymore menu bars and tool bars in applications like Kate and Kdenlive.

Ctrl + M do nothing. I tried to disable the “Application menus daemon” but it didn’t do anything.

I’m on unstable branch.

On the same time, I was messing with switching my dual boot windows data partition ntfs driver to ntfs3 but I only use this partition to store my documents,videos,pictures,downloads using symbolinc link in my home so I don’t see why it would have been a problem.

I tried to revert with Timeshift but with no success, I still don’t see applications menus bars…

Hmmm I kinda made it back following this :

Three things are required to get your menus back under the title bar.

   1. cd into your .config folder and execute:

    find ./ -type f -exec sed -i 's/MenuBar=Disabled/MenuBar=Enabled/g' {} \;

2. In KDE settings > Window management > Menu tab > remove burger applications menu from title bar in both active and inactive windows I didn’t find this…

   3. In KDE settings > Startup > Services > disable the menu daemon

Plus if you want your top menus in kate, hit ctrl+m twice.

Thou I’m keeping the applications menus daemon enabled as it don’t seems to affect it really for now…

But I don’t understand why would this happen out of nowhere.


Somehow by chance you logged in the Wayland session instead of the X11 one?

Well I already exlusively use Wayland for months now.

I thought about it,
Losing my wallapaper if my ntfs data partition is unmounted actually makes sense. But my dolphin sorting settings was troubled, even my home(in ext4 partition) was sorted by groups.

And why would this disable the applications menubars… maybe it was unrelated and I didn’t noticed before but still…

I believe that KDE Gear (Applications) 21.12 changes this default, so the menu is hidden by default, Existing installations would not be affected, as they have a config to load, but if you remove the config, the application will load the default the devs recommends.

That makes sens but I didn’t delete any config files until finding that my menus bars were gone.

And why would hiding the menu be the default, you can’t even access project settings and rendering without it on Kdenlive…

But I do agree that dolphin looks and feels better with the hamburger button instead of the menu.

Well nonetheless everything is back to normal.

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