Kde clipboard cleared on closing source window

I’m using Manjaro KDE, and found an annoying feature:

I sometimes use a texteditor window to assemble some string in the way I want it, copy it to clipboard and close the editor to return to the other program I wanted to use the string in.

When I try to paste it the string, the clipboard however is empty. I can get the string back by the KDE clipboard history panel widget, but it’s an anoying extra step.

Can I disable this clearing the clipboard on closing the window who copied the current value to it somehow?

From everything I’ve seen, that’s normal behavior, and all my linuxes have acted like that - although it has supposedly been fixed in some desktop environments.


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On KDE this sometimes happens if you do not have your clipboard utility applet visible in your system tray.

I have it visible, but it still happens. I can manually add the last clipboard entry back from the history but it’s an annoying extra step.

On all the Linux Desktops I’ve used until now this just worked out of the box…

It is an annoying bug that I have been afflicted with in the past as well. I used to be able to do a workaround by installing another clipboard utility, but I think it is actually integrated into KDE now. Therefore, I’m not sure you have that option open to you anymore.

Sorry, I don’t know what the answer is if you can’t replace klipper.

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