KDE Captive Portal keeps prompting for login

I’m having a small but annoying issue with KDE Network Manager on my old laptop, when I’m connected to my home network KDE Network Manager keeps giving me an exclamation mark over the Wi-Fi icon prompting that there’s an issue, only thing is that there are no issues, and I’'m connected to the Wi-Fi network just fine, however it will say the following;

Wi-Fi: Connected to <network_name> (log in required)

I have no captive portals for my network or any kind of special requirements to login, its just enter the password for the BSSID of my network and you’re done. but here it’s trying to prompt me for a Captive Portal Login for no explicit reason, I did go to Settings > Notifications and turned off Captive Portal Notifications but this message/warning still doesn’t go away. This issue has only just recently started popping up, and its pretty annoying.

It will even show me a popup notification saying Click here to login taking me to the KDE Captive Portal page → networkcheck.kde.org and it says OK on the page. How can I disable this Captive Portal notification completely? Because clearly turning off the notification in settings didn’t do anything, or at the very least is there a hidden setting somewhere to tell the network manager that this connection doesn’t require captive portal to login?

You can try to disable the checking connectivity feature of NetworkManager:

In a Terminal window:

sudo nano /etc/NetworkManager/conf.d/20-connectivity.conf

and insert/paste the following instructions:


Then: save this conf file by Ctrl+s and exit with Ctrl+x and then restart NetworkManager:
systemctl restart NetworkManager

I suggest this because in past, I had the same issue: sometime the checked host indicated in /usr/lib/NetworkManager/conf.d/20-connectivity.conf (which can be overwritten by the one under /etc/NetworkManager/conf.d ) can be ureachable and could lead to these kind of NetworkManager’s issues.

And if this workaround doesn’t work, you can remove /etc/NetworkManager/conf.d/20-connectivity.conf for back to default behaviour.

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