KDE bug with show desktop shortcut

KDE 5.67.0 / Plasma 5.18.3
Kernel 5.4.24-1

I'm not sure if it's the right place.

When I open desktop settings by right clicking on desktop and choosing the last option and then when I try to use shortcut super+d window looses focus but nothing else happens.
For other windows like firefox or dolphin when I use super+D than windows of those programs are moved to the corners of the screen.

I don't follow, what is that, care to point to it by naming it?

What window of what application?

As I said "Desktop settings".
I have Polish version of Manjaro and I'm not sure what is the English name.
When RMB on desktop and choose last option (in Polish it's "Ustawienia pulpitu" in English it should be Desktop settings"


If I have and window open. For example firefox and use shortcut Super + D than firefox is moved to the corner of the screen.
It looks like this:

When I do the same with desktop settings it looks like this:

It should (I think it should) be moved to one of the corners of the screen. Instead, desktop settings window is still on the desktop but title bar is not dark but light gray.
Windows in focus have dark title bar
Windows not in focus have light title bar.
Color doesn't matter. I thought that Super+D should work with all windows

It's called Configure Desktop but yes I agree it should hide too if you use one of those methods to show desktop. I can recreate the staying on screen behaviour for that dialogue here too.

Either way, this could do with adding to the Plasma 5.18 bugs thread @moderators

I'm sorry, i will have to disagree here. Why would be considered a bug? Is directly related to
Desktop > Customize Desktop = that is the order of hierarchy

In other words is like asking trough Show Desktop to hide something that is under Desktop handling ... or hide itself?

So you can preview changes while altering settings, it's possible to minimise it :man_shrugging:

Yes, that is a different protocol with a different handling of the plasmashell window class, and for that reason the alternative widget for Show Desktop is Minimize All Windows widget. :slight_smile:

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duplicate protocols? makes sense now :smirk:

Not duplicate but different :slight_smile:

If it should work like that than OK.
For me it looks that the shortcut is trying to affect the "Configure Desktop" window.

I think that before plasma update it worked differently. I'm not sure about that.

They are slightly different protocols to achieve the same result, ergo duplicate as far as I'm concerned.

What has your concern to do with all this? Why are you insisting to make a moot point?
1 is a duplicate of 1, A1 is not duplicate of B1.

Moot point? I could ask the same of you, it really doesn't matter which way you dress it up they do the same thing :grin:

It means it leads to nowhere, because i'm not in charge to change those things you made the claim to be duplicate and was with some sort of negative connotation, or at least that one would suffice. Now you tell me

So, by the same logic, the forum users are duplicates :slight_smile:

I don't expect you to be able to change it, that was never the point I was making so please don't take it so personally. Upstream they could opt to use one or other method.

Right click the show desktop icon and it will minimise windows too. So why are both needed? That's all I was wondering.

@Pointedstick Given the choice I'd go with Minimise all Windows only and just call that show desktop. I may open an issue over this but it's fairly trivial. It would lead to some minor code trimming though if they only had one of the two options which may help limit bug triage time moving forwards in future Plasma versions.

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