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Hello Everyone!

I recently updated my KDE Plasma version to 5.13 on Manjaro. Couldn’t be happier… But let’s not go there :stuck_out_tongue:

So, was playing some songs and realised I wasn’t able to see Media Control icon on the system tray. Also, Plasma 5.13 has Browser Integration feature, even though that was functional but invisible icon was… just wierd feeling.

(look on the systray)

As in the above links, Media Control icon is clickable, but invisible.

So decided to investigate the Breath Icon Theme’s folder /usr/share/icons/breath/status/ and compared it with the Breeze Icon Theme i.e. /usr/share/icons/breeze/status/.

Found that


were missing (or not implemented yet).

A temporary fix I could find is to copy them inside the Breath Icon folder:

sudo cp /usr/share/icons/breeze/status/16/media-playback-* /usr/share/icons/breath/status/16/
sudo cp /usr/share/icons/breeze/status/22/media-playback-* /usr/share/icons/breath/status/22/
sudo cp /usr/share/icons/breeze/status/24/media-playback-* /usr/share/icons/breath/status/24/

And here’s the result…


It might be the case that you guys already knew about this issue, if not, this could be a possible fix.

So, please push the fix as soon as possible to the icon theme and keep up the good work!

Owh, and apologies for the inconvenience due to so many links as this is my first post and saw the note of using text over images. Also pardon me if this is the wrong place to post such issue or I should directly post in the theme’s GitLab repo.



I had noticed that problem with Breath but never thought much of it.

You’re aces for posting a fix. Thanks! :smiley:


Same problem with “Switch display” icons.

sudo su
cd /usr/share/icons/breeze/applets/64
cp osd-duplicate.svg osd-sbs-left.svg osd-sbs-sright.svg osd-shutd-laptop.svg osd-shutd-screen.svg  /usr/share/icons/breath/applets/64

I don`t want to open another topic, so maybe you want to change the title.


This is known Plasma 5.13 bug and so far it didn’t get much love as others, not sure why. I can replicate it on my system and on Neon in vbox. Any non-breath desktop theme causes media icon to revert to a square media icon that has only dark colors so on dark panels it gets invisible. Here is the reported bug. Please, add your voice there to show that the problem is serious and more common:


Changed the title :slight_smile:

The theme can be found here:

Patches for it are always welcome. @Kirek and I are trying to implement them fast.

Not sure if that’s a bug that should be fixed upstream or is it merely a theming change and themes must be adapted to new version? So far plasma devs are silent about it as if there was no problem but it is and it’s very visible.

Well, the breath theme is maintained by us. However, we didn’t had time yet to check all. Does the Breeze theme also have this issue?

No. Breeze, Dark Breeze and Breeze light are the only ones without this issue or at least last I checked.

I’m a bit confused because I can replicate this issue on different computers and in vbox and on different distros. It affects systray icon so it’s highly visible and yet, on Plasma bugtracker there is not much life about it and only few people mentioned it. So either most are using (or switching quickly to) breeze themes or people are mostly using light themes and don’t mind seeing square, stand off-isch icon?

If I’m right and it works everywhere and Breath simply is showing this bug (as non breeze theme) then this is a problem for Manjaro. So far this is the only highly visible issue remaining after Plasma 5.13 update that is still there.

I have the problem running Breath Dark theming in both Arch and Manjaro. Straight-ass Intel laptop rig. Breeze Dark does not have the problem, again, in either Arch or Manjaro Plasma.


Thanks, so this confirms, bug is general and happens on all (or most) non-breeze themes. It exists not only on Arch but also on Neon and probably on other distributions.


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