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I just installed both kf-git and plasma-git groups and uninstall kf and plasma groups. Both (kf-git and plasma-git), are working smoothly. However, they seems incomplete without kde-applications (git). If we try to install say Dolphin it installs dependencies from normal kde groups. So, when we are expected to get kde applications git group.

As announced

That means is not even close to have it functional and reliable for release. Have patience, a lot of it, it will be ready when it will be ready :wink:

I am running unstable. So, a little unreliable is affordable :slight_smile:

By your first post it seems you expect to have the KDE Applications 19.08.0 instead of version 18.12.3
Those are not yet “reliable” for release, and will be added when the time comes :wink:
That is what i was talking about.
Using unstable or testing branch is as reliable as stable.

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