KDE Appearance got reset to default entirely with no warning whatsoever

This has happened twice now. Why??? I lost everything, my taskbar got reset, all my custom keybindings are gone, the splash screen got reset, and the wallpaper changed. I’m tired of stuff like this happening randomly with no explanation. Does anyone else witness stuff like this?

No. I once had my wallpaper changing by itself before I understood the wallpaper I picked previously was on an unmounted drive at boot… I lost my taskbar by misclick on the wrong menu item, but never a reset of everything.

That sounds like you deleted all your config files from your Home.

I’m pretty sure I didn’t delete a single config file. I spend a lot of time editing my dotfiles but I haven’t touched anything related to KDE even once.

Ok, did a reboot and everything is back to normal. I think I know what caused this AND the pulseaudio issue I posted recently. I changed an environment variable that I absolutely should not have in my .bashrc

Man, Linux really does scare you sometimes

Maybe explain with more details the issue exactly so people finding this thread (or the other) can read what the issue was exactly, your answer is kinda vague here.

I changed XDG_DEFAULT_CONFIG to a string, specifically "~/.config/". Apparently the pulseaudio daemon depends on it, and so does startplasma-x11. I realised this was the issue when I typed pulseaudio in the terminal and got the error "can't find directory: ~/.config//pulseaudio". The double slashes immediately reminded me of what I had messed up. But I’ve had that environment variable like that for quite some time, so I don’t exactly know why this happened now (but as far as I know, all I did was transfer my exports from bottom to top of my bashrc).

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