KDE - any way to prevent desktop icons getting shuffled on resolution change?

I am encountering the following problem - desktop icons getting shuffled after screen resolution change, making arranging them completely useless.

Is there any way to:

  1. Prevent this from happening (so that when you restore original resolution icon positions would also be restored)
  2. Restore previous state of icon placement from before all of them were shuffled?

I tried Icons -> Locked option. It did nothing.

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Except for only using the top-left corner of your screen to position the icons, no there is no other way as far as I could find, but do not despair: maybe someone smarter than me will come up with a better workaround...


Very annoying problem :sob:


It's 4 years the bug appeared (if not more) and still not a solution afaik. Damn KDE developers!
I've just found this page with a script that should do a work around but i've not tested it yet: anyone did it a try?

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