KDE accounts integration broken - can't remove account

Hi there,

I have a problem with the KDE Account Integration (kaccounts-integration), wich seems to be broken on my system.

I have a nextcloud account configured, that i would like to remove, but can't.

The systemsettings show the account, but it isn't removeable (or selectable even) please see screenshot.

I have kaccounts-integration and kaccounts-providers installed, but am otherwise totally in the dark on how to solve this.

Is there maybe a way to remove the account via the console? (I dont need kaccounts to funktion, i don't use it.)


Did you try right-clicking the account? Perhaps there is a context menu with a remove/delete option?

Yes I tried that, I can't left or right click it. :confused:

This feature is very much still under development by KDE. It's not broken as such, it's just not really finished to a point where full functionality is available yet.

ok, thats good to know.
My problem is, that at some point in time i was able to put my nextcloud account in it, which i can't remove now. The password of the account changed and this is causing my nextcloud server to block my ip regularly, because it tries to login with my old password.

So is there any way to deactivate the hole kaccounts service? Deinstalling doesn't work because of dependencies.
Or is it possible to delete the accounts database?

I also found when running "kcmshell5 kcm_kaccounts" i get this:

kcmshell5 with modules ' "org.kde.kcmshell_kcm_kaccounts" ' is already running.
Calling D-Bus function dialog::activate() failed.
org.kde.kcoreaddons: Error loading plugin "kcm_kaccounts" "Die dynamische Bibliothek konnte nicht gefunden werden." 
Plugin search paths are ("/usr/lib/qt/plugins", "/usr/bin") 
The environment variable QT_PLUGIN_PATH might be not correctly set
file:///usr/lib/qt/qml/org/kde/kirigami.2/Page.qml:301:18: QML QQuickItem: ScrollBar must be attached to a Flickable or ScrollView

any ideas?

have a look in your /home/.config folder the information should be stored in a file there somewhere

found the database under ~/.config/libaccounts-glib/

Deleting it removes the entry.

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