KDE 5.24 Plasma will be LTS - will 5.23 be upgradable?

Apparently 5.24 is coming out on the 8th of Feb. 2022.

Should we wait and do fresh install, or can it be easily upgradable from 5.23?

What are you talking about?

It will be no different from other updates. Besides, Manjaro is a rolling release; you just keep your system updated and you never need to reinstall.

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KDE Plasma.

Good to know, thanks! :wink:

KDE Plasma 5.24 Will Be the Next LTS Release Receiving Support Until KDE Plasma 6

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LTS is not relevant on Manjaro, though. It’s a rolling release so the Plasma version on Manjaro will just keeping rolling on when 5.25 is ready, and so on so forth. It’s not going to get stuck on 5.24 until version 6.


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