KDE 5.24.2 Window position not saved, autostart scripts don't run

Hi Everyone,

Since new update with KDE 5.24.2 I having issues saving window’s position. I can set it but it will disappear from window or application setting. Not sure when exactly it happens but I’ve setup the same window (Firefox) flew times already and it end up on the middle of screen after flew app launches.

Startup script won’t launch on login. In my case it’s conky script. I can launch it manually but it won’t start from Autostart/Login scripts. Removed and re-added it but not difference.
Checked executable attributes for script but it runs just fine from terminal so this is not it.

Anyone is having same issues?


Yep, I’ve noticed this myself as well. Must be a new bug. :thinking:

This is a bug too, and it has also been reported in other distributions with Plasma 5.24.

How are you doing this? The right way is to set the size/position in System Settings > Workspace Behavior > Window Rules and Add new. For example this is what I use for telegram-desktop:

You have to add a 2 second delay in the “Exec” line of the .desktop file. See:

Yes, windows Size & Position and yes I got 10 sec delay on beginning of script.