Kate from official repo is missing native features?

Is the Kate build in Manjaro repos somehow slimmed down compared to the main dev branch?
I found out that most of the tools that other users have are missing from my build…
this is what my menu looks like:


And this is the build found in Fedora repos:

Error 40 - You have no open file


Oh my :man_facepalming: sorry about that.

Oh come on, don’t be that short-tempered…

Oh - that is not short temper - you don’t want me short tempered :grin:

Jokes aside - it’s a common phrase in Denmark - Fejl 40 - directly translated it is Error 40.

I don’t know if the phrase Error 40 has any meaning to native English speaking - Fejl 40 sure does to a dane :slight_smile:

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guess for the rest-of-the world only thing that comes close is 404

In English, we’d go with ’ PEBCAC '.
The problem exists between Chair and Computer :wink: which accounts for probably 99% of computer errors.

Used with mobile techs when they don’t want to offend clients with the truth :wink:

Thus enabling them to write a receipt and still charge them for the callout and repair.

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Here’s the first search result for “error 40” (German language setting search):

The German equivalent is quite a bit worse than the Danish version, so that’s why I felt a bit harshly judged, although the German title is not what you actually used (and it turns out I’m typically a good 65 cm away from my computer, so the problem would have been hovering somewhere between me and the screen - but anyhow, glad we were able to locate it/me…)


I meant absolutely no offence - and from your link I understand that terms describing an user error can be quite harsh.

In Denmark the phrasse Fejl 40 does not carry any of those harsh meanings - at least not to me - it is a polite way of something like - Sorry - this is not an error but a mistake made by the user - such things happen - there is no reason to patronize or make the user feel inferior.

I apoligize.

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The best policy in the forum is generally to assume that everything negative is ‘tongue in cheek’ - because sometimes jokes taken literally can be abrasive (and really that’s the intent).

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