Kate editor layout and settings window are unstable

I really like how lightweight and easy-to-use kate editor is but it has some problems which are so annoying when you just want to get the job done.

the first problem is that the output settings in behavior options is not being saved after pressing apply. when I close the setting window it is reset to Error which is the default one.

the second issue I encountered is that the apply and ok buttons on the settings menu are not visible and the window is out of screen boundaries.

has anyone encountered the same issues? is there a solution for them?

The default profile is read-only. If you want to make any changes to the settings, then you must first copy over the profile to a new one, and then you can modify that one.

It’s probably related to your screen resolution and scaling settings. Try clicking the “Maximize” button. This should normally put everything within the visible range of your desktop.

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how can I copy the profile? is it a file to copy somewhere? why doesn’t kate notify me about it when I change other settings. because only this specific setting is not being saved.

I’m already using a copied profile. I think that menu is only for changing appearance.

if this is a copied profile then I have already tried to change that setting to never on this profile and it wasn’t saved after I closed the settings window. I use gopls and every time I type anything on the file It makes the error console pop up and makes the whole editor unusable.

maybe I should post a bug report on kde forums.

hey! thanks. I restarted my laptop and it started to work. what could cause this really? configuration files need a restart to take effect?
maybe I did something wrong.

Normally that should never be needed, but a glitch/bug in the application may cause it to appear that changes to the settings don’t take effect until after logging in again. :man_shrugging:

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