Just July (2019) Screenshots

Looks gorgeous.
Docks are for the weak! Mwahahaha! :wink:

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Interesting, why spectacle window header is black, while others are white (grey)?

it's considered polite to post a link to the original wallpaper unless you are using a mundane generic background nobody cares about.

if you have already shared the link in the past, kindly note that we have no time or resource to crawl through your earlier comments. just gimme the damn link :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

both of them, and more if you got em.

There almost always someone here that remind me of of a Katy Perry song.

You change your Mind. Like a girl changes clothes.

Opening to Katy Perry - Hot 'n Cold

Now. Let change one word. And see what I mean.

You change your Wallpaper. Like a girl changes clothes.

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a more polished sway..... with waybar (minimal customisation, wonder if weather can be added, not tried yet)
busy: [mpd playing]

clean: [mpd paused]


it's less like changing clothes and more like shopping for new clothes. see anything shiny, and you just gotta have it no matter what. one of the worst feelings : years from now you remember the thing you liked, try to find it on the internet, but it's nowhere to be found ever again...









Hi, welcome @BravenWT

Oh, I think I remember that wallpaper. It may be one I used to use.

But I will mention your 'manjaro logo' in your conky is woefully out of date. See the corner of the forums (or your screenfetch) for example of current.

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Now I know :)

Best place to show is "showcase/desktop-screenshots" every month :slight_smile: now it is ...
Just July (2019) Screenshots

Yes. But I have to approve it before I move it. Now your post will look silly.
But I suspect you did all this just to post another HAPPY CANADA. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I'm pretty sure that's a plasmoid. Simple Monitor. :wink:

how did you find them ? reveal thy secret powers o great witch!

Wizard, admired Wizard :smiley: , there must be so much time. :slight_smile:

Sometimes, only sometimes g00gle could be your friend.

You can use https://tineye.com/ instead of google search :slight_smile:


Ok, I just uploaded it :wink:

I guess tineye don't like Manjaro forum/discours forums. I tried search for my avatar but no success.

Same on g00gle, could be blocked from forum-side, crawler.