Just January (2017) Screenshots



KDE is somehow elaborated IMHO.
If I want to use it, it had be better a light KDE.


And there is where we differ: I like the full bells and whistles. The more the merrier.


usually in /usr/share/<greeter name here>
But default gtk greeter isn’t big on customization, you need webkit for really fancy stuff.

Openbox’s autostart only works after you login. If you add a command to /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc it will start with X-server (that’s when the display manager starts). Try compton command with necessary options in xinitrc, but like i said it may not work. A compositor needs some window manager (openbox, i3wm, kwin, marco etc.) to work. Not sure if greeter interface provides such a facility. I cannot test this at present, using different greeter here :slight_smile:


Had a look at the gtk.css (themes, gtk2.0 gtk3.0 gtk3.2) way above my pay grade!. Tried changing colour hex codes on the used colors for the greeter but me thinks they are controlled by other hooks and hard links etc…nothing changed. Not sure what to look for further into the css, the greeter has it own area but nothing i can make sense of. Would need to learn css i think.


I like this setup :smiley: :smiley:


Hi everybody.
Using Manjaro for abour 2 weeks and my productivity skyrocketed !
Here is my current desktop. My goal was to have maximum screen estate without sacrificing ease of use.
GTK theme : arc darker
Titlebars : none - border only
Icons : Papirus
Wallpaper : recolorised default


This is the desktop equivalent of an airplane hanger, so much space.


Nothing special, just a thought for the day to center ones self.


Floki needs to sharpen his axe before he does anything, look at that thing, blunt as my butter knife!


It is pretty blunt bit it really depends on who you are fighting. Going up against people in banded/studded/plate armour sharpening it is just going to end up chipping the blade. And believe me you are still going to feel that if it hits you sharpened or not.


Spending a short holiday mucking about with i3…


i3 on this day…


Is that horizontal bar on top a colourful conky?

Could you share the conky script? Thanks


thats not a conky… i use i3blocks…

however if you need similar conky, you need to install conky-cli [bspwn shot of mine shows bottom bar with conky-cli]


Thanks, but i need it to work and update my own config and icons :slight_smile: Already solved it with an alias that @fassil told me.

Btw. As my girlfriend is more into M$ i’ve been messing with Gnome to give it more “windowish” style.
Here’s her desktop vs mine :wink:


Could you post your gtk - and icon theme please?


Will do this for sure as soon as i finish it :wink:


Your screenshot was an eyeopener: I never knew about the dash to panel extension. Thanks.


Light theme with i3. Conky config here


nice blueish theme.

i like the part of your conky, which displays the weather. it looks like you did it yourself.
i also did a similar conky weather display, but it stopped working properly.

could you please share your .conkyrc content with us?