Just January (2017) Screenshots



You can install "xdgurl"
then if you are using themes and icons from “opendesktop.org” you can opt to hit the install button available. it installs into the home sub-folder… i use this option at times


A few more from my rotation, then I promise I’ll stop…


Which music player is that in 2nd screenshot at right hand side??


Im gonna nudge in here for kouros…
its “Lollypop”
[You will be forgiven for not realizing it was actually printed in view in the scrot :stuck_out_tongue: ]




please explain, what is all this goodness?


i haven’t seen Skeletor in years, he looks great!


very sick… damn… i really like what you got going there.

enlightenment has always looked clunky to me. this has made me take a second look. is it tedious to configure/customize?


Please @minjaro it might be easier if you posted one comment and utilized the username call with the ‘@’ symbol to separate your responses [just less to scroll, single comment, tidier] .


I do enjoy your enthusiasm

But, @kouros17 is going to get a response too :wink:


I did see that in my defense.
Just didn’t realize it :smiley:


the parts not listed in neofetch are mousepad (the text editor on the left), thunar (top right), termite displaying the aforementioned neofetch and ncmpcpp both inside tmux (bottom left).
the bar is polybar.

the top screenshot is rofi


Playing around in Virtualbox… learning how to setup a netinstall manjaro openbox.

Modified the lightdm-gtk greeter somewhat, would like to find out how to change the login box to transparent or a different shape.

Openbox goodness…


You made an interesting point there, Chrys. It’s been placed on the backburner for further slow-cooked processing. :wink:


I don’t think of customizing Enlightenment as tedious - just a bit of fun because it is easy. With everything comes a learning curve and I would say try it if you are curious.



Transparency needs compositor. Like compton or xcompmgr. You can try adding their commands to xinitrc, no guarantees it will work though. Lightdm isn’t a window manager.

You can however try other lightdm greeters

yaourt -Ss lightdm greeter

Take your pick. Try webkit greeters. Some are cute, some are hideous, some have transparency, some don’t work at all.
These are available in repository, so more likely to work. It appears some haven’t been updated since 2013-14. Maybe stay clear of those

community/lightdm-webkit-greeter 0.1.2-6
    A lightweight display manager
community/lightdm-webkit-theme-bevel 20130623-1
    A minimal theme for the LightDM Webkit greeter
community/lightdm-webkit-theme-manjaro-light 20140511-1
    A simple webkit theme for Manjaro Linux
community/lightdm-webkit2-greeter-manjaro 1.3.0-1
    A webkit2 greeter for LightDM build for Manjaro
community/lightdm-webkit2-greeter-manjaro-dark 1.3.0-1 [installed]
    A webkit2 greeter for LightDM build for Manjaro Dark version

Good luck.


I wouldn’t say i’m on the Dark side of the Force but quite close :smile: but minimalisticly !


Thanks badbodh. I am using compton but within the openbox wm autostart file and getting transparency on the desktop fine. What i wanted to know is how or is there a way to change the style of the lightdm greeter, like i was able to move the login box and add a background picture, leave out the the user picture on the login box but i cant figure out one would change the greeters style, is there some sort of stylesheet that controls the look?


My desktop KDE Plasma 5.8.5 ;). The Dock is “Latte-Dock” and colors applied are “Brown Steel”.


Xfce, nothing new.


Great picture, shame you chose the wrong DE.
Sorry, but I love KDE, for many years already, and for me there is no other DE than KDE. All others are dull.
But again, great picture.