Just January (2017) Screenshots





todays shot…




I miss Windows 7 personally :frowning:


how can i down vote some of these disgusting statements… i blame you @SaltyDog :hotdog:



What is the application menu?


It’s GnoMenu :slight_smile: Comes preinstalled with Gnome Edition



Afaik, you just have to move them in your /home (not \home, just come from windowsie ? :wink:) as said there -> Manually


Ah… Got Windows machine at work - that’s why :stuck_out_tongue:
I know how to move them manually, but as i’m still reconfiguring theme and icons (it’s not finished yet) i’d like to use a script to avoid manual copying :wink:
You know - to see changes everytime i recreate few icons.


Trying to upload screenshots, but it gets to 100% uploaded then doesn’t complete.

Anyone else had issues uploading screenshot images?


Could also just be simply an alias as following in .extend.bashrc with Vertex as example:

alias whatyouwant=‘sudo cp -r /usr/share/icons/Vertex-Maia ~/.icons && sudo chown -R you:users ~/.icons/Vertex-Maia’

You can merge in the same kind of command for theme


Wrong file size?


Thanks! That’s what i need :smiley:
And how to remove alias when no need anymore?


just delete it or comment it (# before) in .extend.bashrc :slight_smile:


I’ve been scrolling up for hours now. Where are the screenshots ? isn’t this a screenshot thread ?
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Eternal WIP

will upload more later


Is there a maximum or limit on file size?


I prefer a simple, clean, clutter free desktop. I switch background images depending on mood.


A few more…


My notebook with Enlightenment. Thanks for the up-to-date pkgbuilds @AJSlye



No problem sir, I’ll continue to keep updating them as often as I can.
If I do miss an update, please feel free to open an issue at github to get my attention.
I’ve been really busy with this and many other things as of late.