Just January (2017) Screenshots



aww man this is so good looking. i :heart_eyes: the colors, shades, shapes, icons, and placement of things. great selectiveness and artistry.


Well, thank you sir. :slight_smile:


wallpaper be like “manjaro is purrty y’all see, but it broke underneath. yee haw!”


just want to say ello


Since telegram desktop added theme customization I’ve created a theme that suits with my KDE setup. If anyone is interested, you can find it here: https://github.com/Chaosphere/telegram_theme
Just download the red_gentle.tdesktop-theme send the file to you (or anyone) and open it with Telegram. :slight_smile:

Here there is a preview:



Nothing special. Just trying deepin.


My first config:

my current config:

with new hardware


Got an urge to brighten up my desktop a bit today…

Even decided to make a custom theme for chromium out of the wallpaper…


Returned to XP, did you?


Hahaha, that was my first thought, too!


Face the hard facts - we all miss windows XP. Most of us wouldn’t even be here had XP been continued for eternity.


Sorry, but I don’t miss XP - or any other Windows Version! :grin:


One year ago I was still in XP, then I bougth a new PC and switched to Win 7 to realize that Microsoft don’t want my scanner installed in their OS anymore, a problem solved with Linux. Keeping XP in the new PC, I’m sure I would not be here today.


50% of my long-term setup done

BTW. Does anybody know how to write a script to auto install icons and gtk theme to /home/.themes and /home/.icons ?


XP was a bloody good operating system, I had it in VBox not to long ago to try out the new version of Office my University gives students for free… I’ll tell you XP absolutely FLIES on modern hardware!


I still have xp in my other box…next to my original nintendo…:stuck_out_tongue:


I never really liked xp. 7 was better for me. On the surface, 10 is the best one thus far. Too bad it was all that inbuilt spyware…


I did like Windows 10, but constantly needing a MS Account to enable functionality and as you stated the spyware involved with it. I just wiped it from my laptop and now use Manjaro XFCE.


I’d wipe it in a heartbeat would I not need it at work. But it does have the benefit of making computing uncomfortable enough not to build an addiction. That should not be underestimated.