Just January (2017) Screenshots



That’s Guake Yakuake, shipped with Manjaro’s KDE @minjaro


I was lucky that time :sunglasses: … all the filenames started with the same name, so “rm -rf Vivacious-*” did the trick… I have however witnessed a friend vomit source code all over his home directory - not so fun to clean up!! :anguished:


This is my Desktop:


Boring i3 screenie, with conky and floating terminal:


I like your conky


Bspwm, with Breeze-Maia-Dark gtk3 theme (Just made it couple of minutes ago). Showing gedit, chromium, spacefm and st-manjaro. Zsh theme is base16-eighties-dark. Terminus font all over the place.


I really feel like a dying rase here. Am I the only one who likes bright themes?
I use Breeze light, as lite as I can get it, and I loving it.
These dark themes are so … dark, so negative, so depressing.
Please, whatever themes are invented, please keep the light themes as well.
Thank you.


I prefer light themes also. I always have issues with Firefox when trying a dark theme, too. For example, some text boxes become unreadable.



This is one of my wallpaper pictures at the moment. I have around 10 and they are shown one by one in a slideshow.
Light and bright, just like me. :blush:

PS, this is my desktop, it is not just the picture.


randomly say this to people and see the responses you get :smile: :joy: :sweat_smile: . i’m joking.


World Wide Rolling! Having fun with JWM, here’s Joewing :yum:


I’m sort of half way between Dark and Light when it comes to themes. I wouldn’t go full-on bright, but I’m not a fan of global dark themes either. I’ve made two custom versions of the Numix GTK theme (one for each of my laptops), the one with the dark red panels in my screenshots in this thread, and another one jet black, using light green as a secondary colour for highlighting selections. The main window is light for both of these, giving them a nice punch of contrast.


Some changes:


Playing with Plasma.


Another gnome spin: :slight_smile:



nod32 on manjaro :laughing:

@Javarod whenever in doubt, go with ponies


Here’s some old school i3-wm. No ponies this time, sorry. Going for techno looks.


Busy with tiling, tabbing and containers



all right all right ! Here’s your pony. Stop screaming in silence.

@Saeed_Iranzad Here’s your pony :heart_decoration:


Imgur is blocked for me. Please upload your fotos! right here, on forum.