Just January (2017) Screenshots



Brand new Mate from scratch instalation with the new Brisk Menu.


Happy New Year


I wish it was without NSFW, but some people posted scrots with rude words, so moderators added the flag. :disappointed:


My new gnome setup. :slight_smile:
Wallpaper here.


i see you have removed the flag again. edit: it was @cscs.
as long as nobody complains or flags screenshots, i am fine with that.

if you are ever in doubt, please add a NSFW flag.
such a flag does not mean that porn screenshots get accepted. we have rules against that.


It was not me, but someone else did that.

I would rather remove inappropriate posts or move them to a different topic.


sorry. it was @cscs


What’s the problem with his screenshot? Or has it already been altered?


It’s gone completely. The nsfw text in the thread was removed and we now have a decent thread again. Thank you.


One of my Favs

Life is Good on Manjaro


According to mods its allowed . No really. I figured it might be too risque so I asked, and they said yes and flagged the thread before I’d even posted. I removed it because even if it is allowed, the community voted that its not acceptable, and I have no problem respecting that (be nice ifn there were a rules post pinned in this section, would’ve simplified things).


Sounds reasonable. I dont know about anyone else - but I spend good portions of my workday on manjaro forums. :wink:

Oh and @excalibur1234 - I just removed the warning text once the image had changed.



no… just extremely minimalistic fluxbox setups :wink: :smile: (just kidding) nice job.


What icon set are you using?


Who can guess the brand of my laptop? :grin:


I need that :joy: :joy:


It so suit with January and Linux :slight_smile:


How can we see it is a laptop?


Wifi is on.