Just January (2017) Screenshots



I like your i3-bar. Would you mind sharing your i3 .config?


My “Official” desktop:



Try to replace this font with Comic Sans :stuck_out_tongue: Still looks official?


Just installed bspwm-manjaro and tint3 (compiled locally, couldn’t build it from AUR). I haven’t figured out how to configure them properly.


bspwm reads config from bspwmrc. here you’ll find border width and color, gap size, how to treat certain programs (you can make stuff default to floating if you want), and other options
shxkd reads config from shxkdrc. this is where you set up all the shortcuts you’ll use to control the changing of workspaces, closing moving and resizing windows, and a couple other things


I’ve already started tinkering with those files, added stalonetray, compton, xfce4-power-manager, nm-applet. I wanted to install manjaro-bspwm-settings, but it conflicts with i3-scripts that I dont want to uninstall. So I’m trying to find something instead of limepanel/ lemonpanel/ lemonbar. Tint3 has very limited features and it is somewhat buggy.


Cool, tint3 seems to have improved since I last tried it.
I should do something about that conflict, bspwm-scripts really improve bspwm experience. But you can also just copy them to your path from their github repo. They are just dash scripts.

EDIT: misread your post. You could install bspwm-settings, copy the settings from /etc/skel and then reinstall i3-settings


Lol. Looks like gnome-shell classic. You got a gnome fetish ?

Since we are admiring tiling wm for now. here’s some love from i3-gaps


Extreme tiling and tabbing (Not so fake busy)


Get polybar. it even has its own system tray so you can ditch stalonetray.
you could also try good old tint2, or maybe yabar? though you’d need a tray for those if you need one


You could also just use limepanel without the package. But polybar is better option if you want system tray. Limepanel is a bit lighter, but it can be more difficult to modify than polybar if you are not comfortable with shell scripting.


@excalibur1234 - i almost thought the same thing but it was more like: this is what it would look like if OpenSuse & _indow98 had an illegitamate child. handsome kid. then i thought… oh no… not another _indow rant in a manjaro forum! here it comes… :confused: :punch:

@acutbal - very cool… and funny. is cunny a word? can we make it one? what about nunny for nice & funny? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: i really did like the wallpaper and those cute little color meters. where’s @badbodh at? i know he had to see those.
UPDATE: @Koeshi- aww come on… they can occassionally be synonymous. at least the first part is right on the money.

@edskeye - your comic sans comment is priceless. way to volley! wait a minute… did someone say comic sans? where is @badbodh? that’s totally his jam.


There’s even meme about this :smiley:

BTW. Just the last one s-shot before final release of my Gnome setup.


Yes it is a word (at least in slang), and one with very different meaning to your suggested use :smiley:


Got it.


Sure! I keep my dotfiles on gitlab: https://gitlab.com/pub-open/dotfiles/tree/master

The status bar is under “i3” folder, but I have changed mine to conky since :slight_smile:


@minjaro @edskeye :arrow_up: :arrow_up: :arrow_up: :grin:


Q: What is even more terrible?
A: Using Microsoft Word to let us know.


Damn @badbodh… you made my friday morning terribble… :smiley:
@DeMus - yep that’s strange but… it may be the only way to show it to us… LibreOffice would probably crash, when switching font to comic sans :smile:


No, it does not. I have used it for a long time (comic sans that is, stil use Libreoffice) and it works fine.
Now it is just noto sans for me. Beautiful font.


Droid Sans until the day it dies. Waste no space