Just January (2017) Screenshots



Very nice @kainonergon… I’ve been working on something similar myself


For the weather I use weather package from the AUR. It has a good documentation. Though it sometimes gives too long strings in the output.
My conky.conf is here


here a nice writeup of it: http://www.webupd8.org/2017/01/dash-to-panel-is-cool-icon-taskbar-for.html?m=1


I tinkered a bit and found that native conky weather function also works if you give it this URI:
For example:
${weather http://tgftp.nws.noaa.gov/data/observations/metar/stations/ zzzz temperature}
Change zzzz to the ICAO code of your location. More on the weather in conky.


Wow, it’s that new!

The only thing was that when I turned off the “show settings in top bar” option in Tweak Tool, the settings button icon didn’t appear in the title bar of the opened application, meaning I lost access to the settings when using dash to panel. Maybe it depends on what gtk theme you’re using.


@cscs - my apologies, i know better, got excited

@deadguy - you inspired me to look up a lot of projects i’ve naught looked into, but i just can’t get into tiling. tiling looks great, but doesn’t feel great to me. your setup still looks good :wink:
UPDATE: to be fair i have tried tiling wm’s about 3 times. i probably just need to mature :blush: (maybe later this year) :grin:

@palo - looking up enlightenment packages

@rvc - your artwork continues to have a nice batting avg, bravo!

@Steve - you should look into slim login manager
UPDATE: yeah the wiki is easy to follow https://wiki.manjaro.org/index.php/SLiM_Configuration
the only caveat i experienced was editing .xinitrc. instead of ending the file with exec $1 i had to end it with exec startfluxbox (you may have to use the command for your own DE)
the arch wiki can be helpful too https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/SLiM
there are some crazy possibilities there i didn’t even know about till now

@cscs - i hope this line makes you smile



I know I should not do this but I can’t resist: why do the normally written letters have a white line at the bottom and the reflections have not?
Looks nice, although I am not so into the dark pictures and themes. I like it bright and light.


I see that the upper part of the screen is shadowed by drop-down terminal.


Yeah okay, but still the bottom part of the characters are not mirrored in the way they should be. But these are details, no reason to make a fuss about it so I stop.


I have tried slim in the past and got stuck a few times. Just me. I may visit it again soon.


Have you tried the Taskbar extension? It does what Dash to panel does but with more configuration ability. Plus you don’t loose the access to settings for some applications as you discovered with Dash to panel.



I have a transparent drop down terminal. this is the wallpaper I’m using.


I hear that. Lots of people seem to find it hard to get into, or feel they won’t be as productive when tiling.
For my part, I can’t believe I did without it all these years


thanks buddy :)…



What theme is that? Give me the name, just give it! :stuck_out_tongue:


at first glance this color reminded me of the default background in windows95.

a closer look revealed a slightly different color.


AUR - paper-icon-theme-git and paper-gtk-theme-git


Haha just one of the standard Gnome provided colours.