Just January (2017) Screenshots



Wallpaper and Conky

What icon Packs/ Themes are you using?


I bet you timed scrot to make the screenshot at 00:00. :smiling_imp:



My new gnome desktop.
Wallpaper here.



Why does everybody like the dark side of the force? Happy New Year, btw.
I keep it light, as light as I can get it. Love it. It’s clean, it’s bright, it’s … me.

I now have a collection of 8 penguin pictures rotating as slideshow on the desktop, found them here and there. The pictures match the theme I use, which is Breeze, in every aspect: they are light in colour. Plus penguins and Linux somehow are connected.


Is anyone here a fan of extremely minimalistic i3 setups?


just Arch…not that i don’t like Manjaro :wink:


To make it extremely minimalistic remove that logo. The desktop is too crowded :sunglasses::joy:


Seems minimal wins?


Happy New Year!


Happy New Gnu/Linux Year!


Few changes for the new year, of course…
Just the desktop:

Fake busy:

Real “busy” :sunglasses: :

Happy New Hangover t’all !!





With all respect, but do we need this here?


looks good. could you pls tell me which windows manager theme, icon pack, and style that you have applied for this black theme.


The monthly screenshot threads are among my favorite ones to check regularly. I am saddened that we begin the year with one that is NSFW.


Agreed - if ‘NSFW’ then why should it be here ?


maia-dark theme, glassified menu theme, maia-dark icon theme