Just installed. I am trying to find a DICOM viewer to no avail. Different repos with Cinnamon?

Thanks in advance. I had problems with the Gnome version, namely that Gnome sucks. So I just installed Cinnamon and it seems like there were more of a software selection than with this community / Cinnamon installation ? I would like to enable a bunch of repos and options if possible

I need a DICOM viewer. Aeskalup is a decent one. If I can get WINE going there are better options from the windows world that run great in WINE.
Can you help ?

Have you enabled AUR?

All of our editions all use the same exact repo. There is no more, no less.

This project seems to be abandoned years ago. But you can install it from AUR if it works for you.


Alternatively, there is weasis which is also in AUR


And amide in AUR


There are plenty of other option in AUR too. I don’t think we have any in our official repo.

Thank you

I just enabled AUR and found them.


I’m running manjaro-cinnamon edition and love it but snap and flatpak plugins aren’t enabled by default like on other DE. If you want snap, flatpak and aur (I’m guessing that’s what you meant) then just install the snap and flatpak plugins in pamac and enable them

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Hmmm I have a DICOM viewer… let me look.
From the AUR I got aeskulap…
So yes, enable your AUR and do pamac search dicom
also pamac search aeskulap
and for good measure, do pamac install yay and then yay dicom.

Update - this sucks. Aeskalup doesn’t work now, but weasis worked. Amide also failed…
What was the final solution?

Aeskulap works, not great, but ok. I will try Weasis.
If you need a viewer and know how to use WINE, microdicom and Radiant Dicom viewer are much better and free. I just do not know how to use Wine yet on this Distro. I use it and those viewers on Peppermint Linux.

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I have wine-staging 6.3-1 installed.
I just downloaded microdicom and opened it (right click, open with Wine) and it looks great.

pamac install wine-staging

MicroDicom works well.
Radiant is a trial, not free.

Thanks. Found a good Linux one ! Weasis. Still prefer Randiant to it but WINE…

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