Just Have driver VGA version 390xx

I want to update my driver vga atleast 440. But in my setting just show version 390xx.
Can help me how to update the driver vga?

Note: i use hybrid driver intel and nvidia


Manjaro provides 390 and 460 drivers only. If your hardware is not compatible with latest drivers, then you have no other option.

There is no official way of installing other drivers, if you want to do so, you’ll need to manually install and configure everything if you want other drivers.

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Thank @omano for reply.

Okay, i will try search how to manually install and configure.
Next question, what best driver? video hybrid intel nvidia prime or video hybrid intel nvidia ***xx?

I opened your screenshot, you have both drivers available. You already have latest Nvidia drivers installed (460).

prime is 460?

No, Prime is Prime. But the driver called video-nvidia or video-hybrid-intel-nvidia-prime is the latest driver from Nvidia in Manjaro.

Okay thank for help me :slightly_smiling_face:

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