just got my pi

hello i just got my pi 4 with a 4 gig sd had it sitting around an thought i could use it as a spare computer for 3d modeling the stock os was ok but i didt care for it im truly a noob an went an found manjaro it works but only on one tv so i dont have a screen for it right now so im hoping that someone can help me get it to where i can run my pi on my tv till i get a screen now i honestly know nothing bout this kinda thing im a windows child sorry so can anyone please teach me trying to set it up to a philips tv

It's ok lots of strays come in out of the cold here. didi you search arm by chance. It is something I have not got into yet, but want to!

Forge ahead lockon! :wink:

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i found somthing that seems to be the same issue i had an looks like they got it working but i dont even know how to bring up the files in the command line to change them this is my truly first time trying to do anything outside of windows an i used youtube to do the install for manjaro

I admire your spirit! But you just loined and have read little

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You will get some info just keep searching. I guarantee those that know will notice.
I can only add moral support and a link.

alright thank you :slight_smile:

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im just gonna flash the card an reflash the os onto the card but im going to do the kde plasma one stock settings an work from this point to see what i can do the tv i got thats i wanna set it up on is a philips RR24PFL3603/F7 24 inch with a res of 1366x768 so stock boot code for both the pi an the os now i got a good place to start working from

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