Just fu##ing any settings

I edited my dock by a right clock, clicked a button and now all my stuff is stacked to the left. I also changed something while trying to revert that causing that when I press my super key, it launches a different interface from the one I had which I do not want. Where are the settings location for everything. There are so many different settings areas for stuff that should be in the same application that I think I might just port my data off manjaro and go back to debian because this is plain stupid.
edit: On KDE

Sure - See you around :wave:

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Just wonder if this was something Manjaro did in spite of you and if this things won't happen in other distros wih KDE?

And also if this is a help reques post or just rant if so please post in #general-discussion:rants-and-raves

Ah, @linux-aarhus beat me to it.


That really inspires me to play more funk in my basement.


:frowning: pls help

Counter-intuitively the settings are in System Settings. Seems to me that is a stupid place to put stuff like that.

edit: @weissbrot I hope my irony hasn't passed you by.

Honestly, I don't think you should get any here on this forum:

Why don't you just use a distro and join a forum where you feel at home?


I cannot find it at all. It is not here. I cannot handle this anymore. I am mostly an idiot and I just can't deal with this. I changed such a small thing and got myself deeper in a whole I cannot get out of. I just want to edit this. Where???

anything but : )

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I want to be on manjaro instead of debian becuase arch is cool and I wanted to switch over to it and most probelems I come across are resolved not too painfully but I cannot find anything for this issue. I have manjaro on 3 drives on two pcs and my laptop so I want to be on it but after I touched customisation, I am fricked.

arch stopped being cool when i started using it. After that, i moved to manjaro.


Requoting you:
I've never had a genuinely helpful response on this forum

A change of attitude and language would help. This is as genuinly helpfull as a reponse you will get from me.

Over and out!



Read back through your original post in this thread.
Please trust me, read it.

Now if someone came to you with a problem presented like this, would you reach out and help?

I suggest you look carefully at what you did when you clicked (or whatever) and look at the system settings.
Im no expert. But you won't win any friends by posting like that.


Ah I'm going to repost another less arrogant way of explaining my problem becuase people hate me in this forum for not liking something they like.

Hate you ? Really? not at all.

You should try the Archlinux Forum :wink:


edit: doesn't dislike one of the most arrogant people on the forum.

Just do not use KDE and its chaotic settings.... Manjaro is great

Please put this thread out of its misery.

There is already another help request in #newbies

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You are onto something here, i have a very strong feeling about that.

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