Just dropping legacy altogether?

Hi all,
So far, the latest kernels are not a success for me. I cannot get into graphics mode. I do still use the nVidia legacies.
Would dropping that and moving to Nouveau be an option?
What do I need to prepare for?

You only need to uninstall the Nvidia graphics driver and then install Nouveau driver.
Just test both possibilities.


If you want to switch to nouveau driver, go to Manjaro Setting, Hardware Configuration, and click Auto Install Open-Source Driver button I think, after uninstalling the Nvidia drivers.

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I have a Nvidia GTX 970 in my computer.
I am using the Nvidia driver and not the Noveau driver, since the Nvidia driver is faster.


Nvidia tends to drop support for fairly old GPUs at some or another. Then again

Why do I get the eerie feeling that I may need to get a new nVidia or an AMD with better (longer) support…