Just a thanks for dropping us Firefox 83

Just a note to say thanks for giving us Firefox 83 today. 82 was a porcine turtle on 3 installations here- 2 stable and one testing, all on bare metal. Jesus.

Hopefully someone will get 84 beta into AUR at some point (isnt there yet) with Webrender enabled. I looked for the setting on 83 to enable Webrender under about:config and it isnt there yet although a Phoronix article

inferred that it might be. In any case many thanks for 83. 82 was a pig here. Really slow.

Seems to be fine here. With:

gfx.webrender.all	>	true
gfx.webrender.enabled	>	true

(see in about:support in the “Decision Log” sub-section)

opt-in by default: WebRender is an opt-in feature
available by user: Force enabled by pref
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Thanks very much for this…been a while since I have visited about:config and things there have changed a lot but got it enabled and certainly seems faster.

Again —thanks very much…

Maybe also see this for the way I like to set some extras (and above for some options):

(note the EGL is for hw-accel along with about:config options, and the PORTAL works with plasma-browser-integration package for plasma integration)

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thanks for this… you teach me better ways to do things than I know :+1:
Will try that in a bit. Installing the 84 beta on the testing machine to see what happens…

84.0b2 is sweet. Especially with webrender enabled.

Thanks again for the kind help!

I been uploading the 84 betas to AUR, as my first proper AUR uploads :slight_smile:
Got accepted to update packages in AUR yesterday on my birthday


2 things are in order. First a warm thanks for making the betas available for all of us, that is very deeply appreciated. Second- A very happy birthday and best wishes for you and yours in the new year! I hope you get to share some things important to you with people that you are close to.
Happy Birthday and many thanks for your community contribution