Just a quick update on my nulogic repository.

I updated the rage package to the latest release.
More updated and/or recompiled applications will be forthcoming in the following days.

For those brave souls among us, I've added git versions of the efl and enlightenment packages, including the debug packages for them, built using rasters AUR pkgbuilds.

The latest EFL and Enlightenment releases will be forthcoming. I just have to first rework my pkgbuilds for some changes to the enlightenment meson flags, and also now that efl has completed it's transition to meson/ninja.


I would appreciate an update of the requirements, in order to install and run Enlightenment, keeping Plasma as alternative DE.
My questions are:

  1. In what place in pacman.conf should NL repo go?
  2. Does it matter what Manjaro branch I follow?
  3. Can I use the repo (and contents...) with an Arch system (I have an Arcolinux install)?
  4. Is E still installed in a home folder, like in the past (when I used it)?
  5. Is there a discussion place for your E users?

If the answers are somewhere already, just give me some link(s). It's enough for me :wink:.
Thanks anyway for your work!

It's simple actually.

Enlightenment itself is very light. You would more or less only be limited by meeting Plasma's higher requirements.

You would add my NL repo between core and extra as to be preferred.

No it doesn't matter on the branch you follow for the most part, there is only a few exceptions to this.

Yes, this can be used on arch, however you would have the same intermittent issues as manjaro unstable.

E (as in e17+) has never been installed in the home folder.

No discussion place per say, at the moment, but I'm working on one.
For now, you can use the Manjaro forum, or https://sourceforge.net/p/nulogicos/discussion/

NOTE: I recommend use of the upstream E package for now, as I have an issue with my package missing some files, enlightenment.desktop for one. This is just until I rework my PKGBUILD's for the reasons listed in my other post.

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Just another quick update:
EFL 1.22.3 didn't actually need me to do much to my pkgbuild, the tarball from upstream still had the autofoo, and not meson/ninja yet.

Enlighenment 0.23.0 also needed very little modification of my pkgbuild, evidently the missing files when building with meson/ninja were from their end, not mine.

Both of these packages have been updated, and are now available in the nulogic repository.

NOTE: Use of the upstream enlightenment package is no longer recommended. Besides, it's now out of date.

If you wish to try out E on wayland, just copy the enlightenment.desktop file from /usr/share/xsessions to /usr/share/wayland-sessions, you may need to create this directory. This will allow you to launch E on wayland right from you desktop manager.

After updating I now get an error related to ACPI at login. This happens even after deleting the e folder on a second user and starting fresh. Can it be safely ignored for Enlightenment.

Got the same message (both on my own compile and the Nulogic package). I already had acpid installed, so I just enabled the service and rebooted.
sudo systemctl enable acpid.service
Now the message is gone, but there is an additional service running.

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Enlightenment uses the acpid service for power management events (aka closing the laptop lid, etc.).
It just didn't warn you before: https://git.enlightenment.org/core/enlightenment.git/commit/?id=61cc1351faf7fca1630cd18d09b3bb2fc5576e6b

So yea, acpid doesn't automatically enable itself when installed on arch/manjaro.
Go figure, LOL... :wink:
However, It also doesn't seem to enable itself via sockets either, which is the expected behavior by E.

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Well, when it rains, it pours.
Another update to EFL (1.22.4) was just released.
So I did a recompile and updated in my repository.

There is also an alpha release for 1.23.0, but since I just had run an update on the git package, I see no point to compiling development releases as well.

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Thanks for providing your build so quickly.
(It solves a problem from efl-1.22.3 where xvkbd segfaults in enlightenment-0.23.0).

Hi , where can I find instructions for updating enlightenment version using your repos ?

Sorry for the newbie question.

Just add my repo to your pacman.conf file between core and extra.

SigLevel = Never
Server = http://www.nulogicsystems.com/public_files/nulogic/$arch
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Awesome man! I got it running without any hassle ! Thanks :smiley:

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