Just a quick comment on the new re-designed website


It may be my age is showing but the fonts on the new website are much harder to read for me.


Objectively speaking, there are a few non essential places where the contrast is not great, but other than that, I really think you should have your eyes examined, unless of course we are talking about two different websites.
In any case, it is probably a good idea to provide a couple of examples as to what you find hard to read and why. i.e. contrast, size, typeface (is that the right term?), color, and so on.

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If you mean the site up at manjaro.org, that’s just an updated version of the old wordpress site, put up temporarily until the new design is selected. See here:

So far the new design suggestions look something like this (or is this the one you mean?):



you can just CTRL + SHIFT + =


this is really easy on the eyes here:

but if you then follow the link to the new redesigned website here it’s not as eay to read:

Anyway, i am sorry if i come off higly critical. I don’t mean to. My apologies.


Don’t be sorry. It’s an important issue. However, it is rather difficult to do anything without specific information in regards to what is wrong. Like fx. font size or contrast.


I use a zoom level of 110% on my browsers. I find it helps with readability a lot. I also increase the minimum font size a few points.:relaxed:

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Yes, that webpage design is temporary until the new design is completed and put in place.