Jumping January (2019) Screenshots



I am seeing A LOT of Google Chrome. I would think that would be blasphemy around these parts? :wink:


You would think. It boggles my mind, at least what is left of it. :thinking:


If it is good enough for Dedoimedo, it is good enough for me. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


I like this “Windows 7”-style window that looks so out of place.

Very important to upload those dank memes to the cloud storage. :ok_hand:

Also, those huuuge icons took me by surprise. lol


Having them so huge helps me find PDFs faster or look what is in the folders. Got used to them being big.

Gonna share that supra pic from the BOX with you guys. To bad I don’t like the new mark 5z4 bmw supra

Deepin Wallpaper and more by SGS
SteampunK like by mar


My home town’s model railway :rofl:


Emacs with ligatures of my own design :smiley:

Photo courtesy of @TheAvondale91 (Twitter handle).


Yeah busy as well:


Surprised you had time to take the screen grab, so busy!




haha! Hey, it’s MORE THAN good enough for me.
I just recall fending some people off for such a thing in the past. :slight_smile:


@goshobul, you may not be, but the rest of us are now in February! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:



Time goes a bit different around here :smiley: Probably because I used the link from my notifications and didn’t notice the month. Well gonna spam a repost to the feb topic :crazy_face::dizzy_face: