Jumping January (2019) Screenshots



I solemnly swear to not chase themes ever again. This is getting ridiculous. Total waste of time.

Theme packages


conky.config = {
    alignment = 'middle_right',
    background = true,
    color2 = '#959595',
    cpu_avg_samples = 4,
    default_color = '#959595',
    draw_borders = false,
    draw_shades = false,
    default_shade_color = '#2d2d2d',
    double_buffer = true,
    font = 'Ubuntu Mono:size=11',
    gap_x = 10,
    gap_y = 20,
    minimum_width = 300,
    maximum_width = 300,
    own_window = true,
    own_window_type = 'normal',
    own_window_class = 'conky',
    own_window_transparent = true,
    own_window_argb_visual = true,
    own_window_argb_value = 100,
    own_window_hints = 'undecorated,below,sticky,skip_taskbar,skip_pager',
    update_interval = 1.0,
    use_xft = true,
    xftalpha = 0.5,
    format_human_readable = true,
conky.text = [[
 ${scroll left 31 7 *** Ubuntu ${execi 86400 awk -F'=' '/DISTRIB_RELEASE=/ {printf $2}' /etc/lsb-release} *** Kernel: ${kernel}-${machine} *** Uptime: ${uptime_short} ***}
${voffset -5}$stippled_hr
$alignc${color #ff7707}${time %H}${blink :}${time %M}$color
${voffset 2}$alignc${time %A},${time %e} ${time %b} ${time %Y}
${voffset -5}$stippled_hr
${voffset 2}CPU$alignr$color2$cpu%$color
${cpubar 3,300}
$color2${top name 1}$alignr${top cpu 1}%$color
$color2${top name 2}$alignr${top cpu 2}%$color
$color2${top name 3}$alignr${top cpu 3}%$color
$color2${top name 4}$alignr${top cpu 4}%$color
$color2${top name 5}$alignr${top cpu 5}%$color
${voffset 10}RAM$alignr$color2$mem/$memmax$color
${membar 3,300}
$color2${top_mem name 1}$alignr${top_mem mem_res 1}$color
$color2${top_mem name 2}$alignr${top_mem mem_res 2}$color
$color2${top_mem name 3}$alignr${top_mem mem_res 3}$color
$color2${top_mem name 4}$alignr${top_mem mem_res 4}$color
$color2${top_mem name 5}$alignr${top_mem mem_res 5}$color
${voffset 10}SWAP$alignr$color2$swap/$swapmax$color
${swapbar 3,300}
Root$alignr$color2${fs_used /}/${fs_size /}$color
${fs_bar 3,300 /}
Home$alignr$color2${fs_used /home}/${fs_size /home}$color
${fs_bar 3,300 /home}
MyDisk1$alignr$color2${fs_used /media/MyDisk1}/${fs_size /media/MyDisk1}$color
${fs_bar 3,300 /media/MyDisk1}
MyDisk2$alignr$color2${fs_used /media/MyDisk2}/${fs_size /media/MyDisk2}$color
${fs_bar 3,300 /media/MyDisk2}
R: $color2${diskio_read}${alignr}${diskio_write}$color :W
${voffset 10}USB
Dn: $color2${downspeed enp0s20f0u1}${alignr}${upspeed enp0s20f0u1}$color :Up
${voffset 10}WiFi$alignr$color2${wireless_essid}$color
Dn: $color2${downspeed wlp1s0}${alignr}${upspeed wlp1s0}$color :Up
${wireless_link_bar 3,300 wlp1s0}


zsh prompt
# Generic colour fade-bar prompt theme from bashprompt
# Created by Jim Foltz <aa204@acorn.net>
# Changed by Spidey 08/06
# Converted to zsh prompt theme by <adam@spiers.net>

prompt_fade_help () {
  cat <<EOH
This prompt is color-scheme-able.  You can invoke it thus:

  prompt fade [<fade-bar-and-cwd> [<userhost> [<date>]]] 

where the parameters are the colors for the fade-bar and current
working directory, user@host text, and date text respectively.  The
default colors are green, white, and white.  This theme works best
with a dark background.

Recommended fonts for this theme: either UTF-8, or nexus or vga or similar.
If you don't have any of these, the 8-bit characters will probably look

# emacs shell-script mode gets confused with ' in heredoc above

prompt_fade_setup () {
  local fadebar_cwd=${1:-'green'}
  local userhost=${2:-'white'}
  local date=${3:-'white'}

  local -A schars
  autoload -Uz prompt_special_chars

  PS1="%F{$fadebar_cwd}%k$schars[260]$schars[261]$schars[262]$schars[333]%F{$userhost}%K{$fadebar_cwd}%B%m%b%F{$fadebar_cwd}%k$schars[333]$schars[262]$schars[261]$schars[260] %F{$fadebar_cwd}%k%B%20>...>%1~%<<%b > %k%f"

  prompt_opts=(cr subst percent)

prompt_fade_preview () {
  local color colors
  colors=(red yellow green blue magenta)

  if (( ! $#* )); then
    for (( i = 1; i <= $#colors; i++ )); do
      prompt_preview_theme fade $color
    prompt_preview_theme fade white grey blue
    prompt_preview_theme fade "$@"

prompt_fade_setup "$@"


Moved to Gnome)


kde, with latte-dock and some translucency



MateriaLightBreath is getting better and better.


Here’s my current setup and theme running 2bwm built from git. Anyone who wants the wallpaper can find it here





Hot cocoa anyone.



Very nice - just seen this and certainly reminds me it,s Sunday today and what holds for the week ahead.



wallpaper please




Noob here. I put the information I want to monitor in a top Panel. A separate, intelligently hidden bottom Panel holds the active windows. I keep several desktops, each with their own wallpaper, to separate email, VMs, and so forth. I’m trying to avoid the shortcut filled screens I tended to accumulate under Windows.



I like to travel back home but moving my desktop PC (360km) is a bit of a NO NO. So got myself an sata3 to usb3 enclosure (mother didn’t liked me removing the HDD from her laptop to stick my SSD). So my manjaro travels with me. Stolen some wallpapers from Fedora29. And I got a VM up of a severely cut 7 RTM home basic because I needed some volkswagen software.


what icon pack are you using?


Newaita dark


VCDS on Linux?
One of two application I need win7 for. (old eeepc)
Please tell? :slight_smile:

VM, ok :wink: