Jumping January (2019) Screenshots





My new gnome desktop.
Wallpaper: https://www.itswhatworksforus.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/dandelion.jpeg


my other user, minimal KDE, no wallpaper just color.

and my other-other user, with Haiku Deskbar lookalike, made in KDE (work in progress)



I wish more icon themes had a Trackma one. Numix and Papirus are a blessing in that sense.


Careful with that axe, Eugenia.


That is an interesting Conky. Maybe I should steal that style for Flying February.


Go for it! :+1: I posted it in the conky thread a few weeks ago.


Cool wallpaper… Can you share it please?




Here is the image without the weird bar stuff at the top.



Wow! Thanks a lot!! @isfor and @rodneyck
Is the image from somewhere? (Videogame, book…)


Woolfe…mind you, I have not played this, so can’t vouch for it. :grinning:

Edit to add: This doesn’t play on Linux with Steamplay, marked as “Borked” on ProtonDB. Windowz only.


Oh my… This looks good!


im considering this as next lxqt-kwin look
for my iso when lxqt-0.14.0
is released


Seems like there are people running this through Wine. Currently I am very happy with the stability of my daily driver OS. I have a spare drive I was thinking about installing a copy on manjaro on to test things before trying to run them on the daily driver. maybe I will try to get this game up and running. “It works fine in WINE providing you have .Net 4.0 installed and you disable DirectX 11.” Didn’t find any mentions of people trying to get it to run using Play on Linux and / or Lutris. hmmm…I do like to tinker.


It’s been a good while since I’ve participated in one of these, my current “worn in” Xfce setup on my daily driver. Nothing special just convenience.


Cinnamon :goat:


Keep us posted on your results. The game looks like a blast.


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