Jumping January (2019) Screenshots



I removed the process manager from the panel because they tend to be a bit distracting.

This time, I used my favorite band instead of R6:S wallpaper.

I am in a process of adding in a conky script to replace the global bar process manager. I might well as pop in a media player.

If anyone is wondering, |-\ have no meaning. It is often used among the TØP fan, commonly "|-\ Stay alive friend |-\ "

e: I realized the terminal isn’t completely in view. It said “Car Radio by Twenty-One Pilots” if you were wondering.


I’m not gonna lie, I’m kinda missing the warmth of summer…


hi ppl
this is my bland setup. i3

and say hello to windows xp, olive theme. should have run it in a VM but that didnt work. so i installed it on an older laptop



That reminded me. Someone on Reddit posted a picture of a Windows XP theme on their Linux machine.


My Manjaro “Gnome”. :penguin::relaxed:

Arrongin - Telinkrin themes

Bibata (cursor)


Another great @Lunix wallpaper.



That’s our universe before the big bang. Nothing could be more beautiful - it’s a picture of everything ever, literally.


Look Out! Here comes the Spider-Man(jaro)!

Web-slinging with;
Theme: Arc-Dark
Icons: Papirus-Dark
Gnome-shell: Arc-Dark Modified by me to include drop shadow taskbar
Plank-theme: SampanGlass
Wallpaper: Spider-Man Wallpaper by Ian Driz


The new Spiderman movie is a lot inspiring.
Here’s my January Desktop. Openbox and GTK Numix with handpicked colors.
I’d like!


Exactly - it’s a screen of pure potential.

The only reason I have the clock there is so I can know if the monitor is on :smile:.



It seems my project wasn’t ready in 2018 and god i wish i had a graphic tablet.

My wallpapers can be found here.


I want to share with you my Manjaro KDE customized to satisfy my “cyber” needs :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Theme used and info in the Reddit post https://www.reddit.com/r/unixporn/comments/af17ds/plasma_kde_cyberpunk_neon/


yes very cyberpunk


With a different conky:


Too many spiders around here! :scream: I’m going sailing.

Since this is a dual-boot (you can see Xu 16 in pcmanfm), here’s my Xu.


please share your wallpaper man



Arch user does not dream of Pop! OS.


Oh no! i don’t want to get arrested for not using something with wm in it’s name :wink: