Jumping January (2019) Screenshots



nice, very steampunk.


Thank you. Might play with gimp later and see I I can’t insert a penguin in there somewhere and maybe the manjaro logo.


Hide it in the sky, they will never expect a flying penguin.


or with para-penguin (penguin with a parashute) :airplane:


And have it shooting out Linux USB stick while parachuting. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, here’s my feedback.

Deepin Wallpaper and more by SGS

gloomy but good :slight_smile:




My new gnome desktop.
Wallpaper: https://www.itswhatworksforus.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/dandelion.jpeg


my other user, minimal KDE, no wallpaper just color.

and my other-other user, with Haiku Deskbar lookalike, made in KDE (work in progress)



I wish more icon themes had a Trackma one. Numix and Papirus are a blessing in that sense.


Careful with that axe, Eugenia.


That is an interesting Conky. Maybe I should steal that style for Flying February.


Go for it! :+1: I posted it in the conky thread a few weeks ago.


Cool wallpaper… Can you share it please?




Here is the image without the weird bar stuff at the top.



Wow! Thanks a lot!! @isfor and @rodneyck
Is the image from somewhere? (Videogame, book…)


Woolfe…mind you, I have not played this, so can’t vouch for it. :grinning:

Edit to add: This doesn’t play on Linux with Steamplay, marked as “Borked” on ProtonDB. Windowz only.