Jumping January (2019) Screenshots



Happy New Year and it’s time for the new wallpaper.

Featuring Mirai Kuriyama from Kyoukai no Kanata.


‘Stone golems should probably leave Earth witches alone’ edition.


No visible change since last month, only replaced hidden Latte-dock with a hidden panel:





n. the half-forlorn, half-escapist ache of a train whistle calling in the distance at night.

~ The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows


Would you mind sharing the wallpaper??


Two other versions:


Why is the ratio 1:1? Are you running this in a vbox?


It’s 5:4 1280x1024. It’s an old Dell “Business” monitor.


Oh neat, looks almost like a square.


Loving it more and more, i3, it’s a shame, that the name is so short. :wink:

Next image resize to 80 %.


I have this one too. @mojz3sz


I love the cold atmosphere of the wallpaper. :wink:


Prepare for disappointment.

Pretty much a very “normie” desktop. :’)


You want to see a boring desktop? Here’s mine.

I like to keep things simple.


sudo pacman -Syyu


The i3-gaps next branch allows custom gaps everywhere…

lol I forgot I had redshift running… this setup looks a lot better with redshift temp 4500 xD


Really like your config. Would you mind sharing your .dotfiles?


Plata theme with Manjaro colors:


This represents my journey to the motherboard graveyard. My desktop i3 gave up the ghost a couple of days ago, but at least I still have i3 on my laptop.