Julia 1.8.5 dependency error

So, I just updated to Julia 1.8.5.

Every time I try to start Julia i get this error:

┌ Error: Error during initialization of module CHOLMOD
│   exception =
│    could not load symbol "SuiteSparse_config":
│    /usr/lib/libsuitesparseconfig.so.7: undefined symbol: SuiteSparse_config
└ @ SuiteSparse.CHOLMOD /build/julia/src/julia-1.8.5/usr/share/julia/stdlib/v1.8/SuiteSparse/src/cholmod.jl:230

The problem is with suitesparse. The current version is 7.0.0-1 but I think it should be 7.0.1-*.
On arch it works perfectly with suitesparse 7.0.1-*.

On Manjaro that version is only available on unstable branch right now. Packages


There are two ways to deal with that, or wait …

Another possibility is to use AUR package. It seems working fine.

Yeah, to install it from AUR is one of the

In the meanwhile, version 7.0.1-1 migrated to testing but upgrading to this package version does not fix the issue for me.

From some days everything is working well anyway.